Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Pink Pants

Hmmm... lately, I began to realized, in this month, I've been posting too much. Am I addicted? I don't know... It seems so. I think, blogger it's very exciting. We can share the knowledge we have, to other peoples. Via blogs, we can also express what happened all around us, things we like, things we want, and things that we don't like.

Blogs are also very suitable for me a hobby of writing. Blog is like a notebook, but the different of blog, blog can be visits by everyone, therefore, I don't write the things are too private and very secrets, heheh :D

And now, I want to share how to make the white pants, become a pink pants.

Wohooo... Now I have a new pink pants :D

hoho full love from me

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