Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dress-Up Strawberry Shortcake

Hello peeps...
It's a busy weeks at my school. So many homeworks today, and I can't do it (u know I'm a lazy student -,-).  And this is some fave comics I loved !

1. Caramel Whip By Yamabe Mayu
2. My Girl By Kawachi Mika
3. Stylist Of Love By Sakisaka Mea (my fave sensei!)
4. Miracle Wing By Iisaka Yukako
5. Secret Scandal By Shigano Iori
6. Cinderella's Wish By Ayumi Rin
7. The Love Helper By Shigano Iori (again ^__^)

Yeaah, hurry up to get them at Gramedia Bookstore or another favourite bookstore. The story in  all comics really interesting, and the drawing manga are so perfectly, especially for Stylist Of Love : comic works by Sakisaka Mea (always adore her!). 

 Maybe it's like dress-up toys, but changes dress for Strawberry Shortcake really so fun ! Uuukh I'm looks so childish -_____-

So stupid, gue nggak ngerjain peer dan gue malah mainan baju-bajuan anak kecil begini????? Yaampun tobaaaat San tobaaaaat -_____-"

hoho full love from me


  1. Hi Sausan!! Thankyou sooo much for commenting on my blog, how sweet of you! Glad my DIYs can help.
    I totally understand your excitement about dressing up the little characters. They're so cute! We don't have any comic stores around here, so it's nice to see you post about them.


    1. Wooow, I can't believe it! Fabi, the famous blogger from Honduras leave me a sweet comments :'). Thanks for visiting my blog Fabi. Keep wait my post about comics, yeah Fabi. Anyway, your DIY always helped me! Once again, thanks :D