Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Love With You

Hellooooooows, good day for all :). Whaaaat? Title post? Oh no, I'm not in love, it's title of my new comics hihihih :p. Today, I bought new comics, and cute tank from H&M ! Wohoooooooo so happy :)). Btw, the title at my new comics is : 'In Love With You', it's a series comics, from 1-3 (only bought vol. 1 & 2 hiksssssss). And bought a cute tank top with ruffle at the sleeves, totally cute :3.

It's a comic works by Aikawa Saki!!!! The story in this comics are reaaaally romantic, and the manga drawings is soooo perfect :). The main character in this comic is Yuna Kagami, and she so lucky contested with two school prince, Hayato Shiina and Takumi Hodaka. Uuuukh really curious with the ending, I think Yuna more match with Takumi (sorry Hayato :p). You must bought this comics at Gramedia bookstore, don't worry can't get it, it's a new arrival, the price only Rp. 16.500/pcs.

Btw, look at my new tops, happy happy happy , and I bought it on special price hihihi ;)

hoho full love from me 


  1. hai!! nce to see you. mind to visit and follow my blog?
    fashion of a dreamer

  2. oh my goddd,, sangattt incer bangett ini komikkk sayangnya blm sempet ke toko bukunya hehehe,, nice blog n template,, fashion blogger jugaa yaaa hehhee,, slam kenal jugaa yaa,, follow yaaaa

    1. thank you, Metha! I'm not fashion blogger, only fashion junkies, hihi ;)
      Btw, I've done following you, dear!