Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Persun Mall GIVEAWAY Winner!

Helllo! Finally my Persun Mall GIVEAWAY was over yesterday! I'm so thankfully for everybody who joined it! Thank you so much! The winner list was announcement on Persun Mall web and at the Persun Mall fanpage! Is that you? Just click the link because maybe you're the winner! And don't worry, I'll helding another GIVEAWAY soon! Just stay tuned ;)

I just bought 3 comics. Rockin heaven vol. 2&3, and Becoming A Star vol. 4! Aaaah can't wait to read the next vol! ;)


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting comics .. Keep in touch

  2. Well congratulations......
    I'll see soon a new contest! ;-)

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    Wish you a successful week!

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