Monday, March 31, 2014

Jolly Chic $80 GIVEAWAY Winner!
Hello readers, so sorryyyyy I'm not posted anything lately. I'm being so busy this week, so when I have a weekend I really wanna to posting something, I really miss blogging world, I miss sweet comments from everyone who left their comment on my post, even if it's just a greetings or one word I really appreciate it (except for the spam)! Your words make me feels happy for being a blogger. I still have time for seeking my blogger fellas new post, even I not left my comments because my internet connection was really slow. Fyi, the speed connection of Indonesia is number 150 all over the world, which means it's more slow than Papua Nugini (it's about 55)! Omg, your patience are tested if you live in here, and even me used Wi-fi it's still lemot! So sorry for let you read my feelingsssss, actually I just want to announce the winner of the Jolly Chic giveaway, because so many people who joined it asked me who's the winner. I'm so sorryyyyyyy for the late post :( So, I'll announce it now. So, the winner is...........*drumroll* 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations for you, Jolly Chic team will email you soon! Hope you'll enjoy the shopping voucher gift! And many thanks for everybody whom participated in my giveaway. I'm sooo sorry, cause it's only 1  winner. I just wanna making all participants winning, but sadly I can't do that :( Buuuuut don't worry, I can making another giveaway with more interesting prize. So, keep follow my blog for new updates. And once more forgive me for the late post I really busy with my shool schedule, I still have national exam soon, just wishing for me to get high score on my exam! Yeaaay see you on my next post :)


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations for the winner .. keep in touch

  2. Thank you sooo much You made my day love you <3 :)