Saturday, October 26, 2013

London fashion - Color Trends

Color Trends: The Bold, Bright and Beautiful
Just as London fashion trends come and go different color trends have also made their way into the fashion industry. There are many large graphic prints that have been created for the customers. The new prints will help you make a fashion statement because they consist of shots of different colors such as red, pink, and orange. These colors work well with nearly any neutral navy, gray, black or camel. Different shades of different colors are available and each color is preferred differently with various accessories and pieces of clothing just right for the London Street style. Some different styles of colors and what they look great with have been provided below.

Plaids are a great London fashion trend for the winter. You will find them in many different wardrobe staples such as plaid shirts, skirts, and jeans. Plaids are traditional and look very nice with bulky jewelry.

Punk Princess
A classic trend popular nowadays is the rebellious fashion style of the 70’s. This style influences a number of different clothing styles from work wear to evening wear. Motorcycle jackets, studs, black- all have made the change from the fringes of fashion to its mainstream. Fashionable studded handbags and shoes are making their way into an office on a regular basis. This style is not only for youngsters, but it is so trendy that nearly anyone can pull it off. You can wear a colored leather jacket, which can take the place of your blazer at work, and wear it over a printed dress.

Leather Greatness
Leather is becoming a popular part of fashion especially in London as the color brown or black goes great with pants, skirts, and leggings. It is not only emerging as something that you can wear in the evening or on the weekend, but it is being brought into the office too, making it acceptable to be worn during the day!

Faux Fur
Just like leather, fur is a great trend this season, whether it is fake, recycled or real. It is very popular in accessories such as hats, gloves, boots, scarves, bags, and also on jackets or coats. Many coats and jackets have been created for the ladies in pale pink because the color provides a feminine touch. This color goes nicely with fur and will add a chic touch to your outfit!