Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 10 Accessories From New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

Top 10 Accessories From New York Fashion Week Spring 2014
There were many rings and things that stoodout at the Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week, but a few items definitely caught the attention of the audience. These accessories made the outfit pop-out. It is amazing how one little accessory can tie an entire outfit together. The 10 best accessories seen at thefashion show have been provided below:

#1 Derek Lam – Gingham Turban
This was a blue and white checkered turban. It is something that you can wear to a picnic and will make your outfit match your rings and other things.

#2 Donna Karan – Huge Leather Hat
The brown leather hat is something that will probably never make it to the retail stores, but it is something that the public will remember for years to come.

#3 Kate Spade – Socks With Sandals
You may have never thought about wearing socks with sandals. Try it out! Find bright colored sandals and match them with white socks.

#4 Michael Kors – Belt
This designer managed to find the solution to an ill-fitting or broken belt. You can wear this belt to casual parties and you will definitely catch the eyes of the people there.

#5 Phillip Lim – Shades
Lim managed to bring power shades back into fashion. These sunglasses looked wonderful at Fashion Week and created a buzz amongst the audience. The large shades will make your facial features stand out and are perfect for the spring.

# 6 Prabal Gurung - Prada Copy Shades
Yes, Gurung created shades just the ones that Prada launched a few seasons ago. However, these shades were able to lure the crowd at Fashion Week once again. This means you will see more of these shades during springtime.

#7 Suno – Hat
This chic hat can be worn at one side and it looks very nice. You can wear a hat like this with many of your girly outfits. It will block the sun and you will be able to look sexy at the same time!

#8 The Blonds – Complete Outfit
The hair, the makeup, and jewelry was mind-blowing! Fashion Week would not have been complete without this outfit!

#9 The Row – Visor
A visor has never obtained so much appeal as it did at this fashion show.

#10 Tibi – Baseball Cap Re-invent

This designer re-invented the baseball cap in a unique manner. It is something that was different and this is why it received so much attention!  


  1. I remember when socks with sandals were considered the ultimate fashion suicide :D

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful proposals for next season. Keep in touch