Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jigoku Shoujo

Hey blogs, you know Hell Girl comics ? If not, your so sucks :p.

Hell Girl or known by 'Jigoku Shoujo' in Japan is one of the famous comic works of Miyuki eto. I have many idols in manga, and this is one of them, hehe. I like ♥Ai Enma and Ichimokuren♥. In the comics, Ai Enma worked as girl from hell, and Ichimokuren worked as assistent Ai. I has some comics series of Hell Girl, from volume 1-9, hehe. Besides having a very exciting story, drawing the manga is also good.
Anyway this comics is the best !! This is my collection Hell Girl comics :



Don't forget to read it! Must have items!!
hoho full love from me

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Shinichi Kudo !!

Maybe for people who don't like comics, do not know who it is Shinichi Kudo ?
Shinichi is my boyfriend in the comic :p, haha sorry just kidding.
Shinichi is one of the characters in Detective Conan. In the story, Shinichi as a famous detective in high school, becomes smaller because of the drug by a Black Organization (BO), and Shinichi changed his name to Conan Edogawa for not suspected by anyone.

 Oh yeah, I have a lot of Conan comics in my house. From the volume 11-34, hehe. Maybe I am a new fan of Detective Conan, but I know if I really loved Shinichi, (jealous of Ran :p)
hoho full love from me