Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Giveaways



Fuschia by SD Giveaway

Zohara’s Print tights can be found on You should also know that this Trendy Tights and Leggings Online store offers free shipping on orders over $50, and if you order 3 or more print tights, you will get extra 10% discount!
TrendyLegs Fashion Tights

Zohara Fashion Print Tights Trendylegs


And now, the giveaway!!! is giving away 3 Pairs of Print  Tattoo Tights to 3 lucky winners (Tights’ designs will be chosen based on availability). Please click here to enter the giveaway

Sooo many giveaways in this month, I've joined too. I love to sharing many happiness ^^

hoho full love from me

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today's post will be a bit different than usual - I would like to write a review of the online shop I've visited recently. They offer an international shipping and very competitive prices.

Here there is a link to that store: 

Firstly, I found there some really nice pieces which I haven't seen nowhere before. I like as much clothes they offer as fashionable jewelry (which examples you can see on photos).
Clothes which I liked the most were dresses, especially skater ones or cute short dresses made from lace. 

I've even noticed that you can buy in this store a wedding dress - offers more than 1000 different dresses waiting for future brides :) 

It seems that their real speciality is tailor made gowns and dresses including wedding dresses.  Some of the pieces are truly beautiful, the dress pictured here, for example, costs just under $170, not including shipping. Wowee - this is a dress tailormade to your size, with the colours and fastens that you want for just over £100! Pretty amazing, beautiful dresses!

I just noticed that you can change the settings of the website in the top tool bar to get your prices in your own currency. That makes things easier!On a more practical, less dream world note, eFoxCity also stocks lots of more every day clothes, at some really good prices! I've just been running some searches for trousers, cotton tops and jackets and there are lots of nice bits and bobs on there. How cute is this coat for example? And it costs just under £10. This is a great deal for something so adorable, I reckon. 

The shipping on these two items was estimated at £35, which sounds like a lot, until you consider that would be a total of about £150 for a wedding dress, this cutesy sweet coat and all made to your specifications and delivered from China... Not too shabby by my reckoning. I think that this is a great website, they're also selling  men's outerwear  men's pants wholesale brooches (let's check the link!). The prices are low comparing to other online stores, so we don't have to spend a fortune on clothes or accessories and we can still look fashionable.

Below I attach a few photos of items you can find here

In clothes section I like the most :

Women Bateau Sleeveless A Line Restore Birdie Print Above Knee Length Chiffon Pattern Dress S/M/L/XL@II0136
Long Sleeve Lapel Women Double-breasted Black Wool Coat S/M/L @GP0091b
Women Beach Spilt Changing Color Chiffon Euro Style Blue Long Dress S/M/L@TS1208236bl
Women Spring New VIVI Euro Style Empire Waist Dotted Casual Blends Black Pants S/M/L@TS120104b

So,what are you waiting for? Let's check Efoxcity website now! :))