Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Pink Pants

Hmmm... lately, I began to realized, in this month, I've been posting too much. Am I addicted? I don't know... It seems so. I think, blogger it's very exciting. We can share the knowledge we have, to other peoples. Via blogs, we can also express what happened all around us, things we like, things we want, and things that we don't like.

Blogs are also very suitable for me a hobby of writing. Blog is like a notebook, but the different of blog, blog can be visits by everyone, therefore, I don't write the things are too private and very secrets, heheh :D

And now, I want to share how to make the white pants, become a pink pants.

Wohooo... Now I have a new pink pants :D

hoho full love from me

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rings Oh Rings

Rings is one of fave accessories almost girls in the world, including myself hahaha :D. Gooood night all.

Fave Rings <3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wild Animals

Huh??? It's in Africa?

Ooooh, ini kan t-shirt gueee!

Tunggu, tunggu, ini ular?

Oooh ini gelang ular gueee! Gue kira ular beneran.

Good night and have a nice dream :)

hoho full love from me

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Lovely Miiko

Hey blogs!
Yoroshiku, this is Miiko, my cutest comics :)
Hai, Miiko!, or known as Kocchimuite! Miiko in Japan, is one of famouusss comic works by Ono Eriko Sensei :D. This comics is very very funny! Trust me!

Komik ini bercerita tentang Yamada Miiko, anak kelas lima ceroboh yang pendek dan imut. Tinggi tubuhnya hanya 120 cm (impossible -_____- ). Dan tentang kisah persahabatanya dengan Shimura Mari, Yuuko Ogawa, Eguchi Tappei, Satou Kenta, dan masih banyak lagi. Miiko mempunyai adik kandung bernama Yamada Mamoru, dan Momo (lahir di jilid 19).

Gue suka banget komik ini, gambarnya unik, bener-bener khas! Salut banget sama Sensei Ono!. Oh ya, gue punya beberapa komik miiko. Ada Namaku Miiko, Hai, Miiko!, Kumpulan Cerita Terbaik Miiko, sama Miiko Fan Book.

And this is some pictures of my Miiko collections. Let's check them!

Cara Menggambar Miiko

And, looks! My little sister!
How cute she is now trying to release the little shoes :D

trying to take off the shoes

Great! She successfully releasing one of the shoes

see, she looked at me :*

Yeaah, Qonita is my Miiko in the real wooorld :D

Miiko is available in some series :
  • Namaku Miiko Volume 1-4
  • Hai, Miiko Volume 1-22 (belum tamat)
  • Kumpulan Cerita Terbaik Miiko 1-4 (belum tamat)
  • Miiko Zaman Edo  
  • Miiko Fan Book

See you next time...

hoho full love from me